As the Drama Unfolds

Like clock work every Monday night, you know where you can find me? That right. It’s bachelor season, and there’s no shame in my game. As an avid follower of “bachelor nation” I watch it all. The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise… whatever it is count me in.

But, I think we can all agree that the bachelor franchise isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some argue that it’s sexist and degrading towards women. Many stray away due to the ridiculousness of the show altogether. I mean.. if we’re being blunt, the producers take an individual, put roughly 30 members of the opposite sex in the mix, watch as they worship and fight for their attention, and laugh as the drama unfolds. And, keep in mind, they’re suppose to fall in love and PROPOSE to this individual after 6 weeks of filming.

But all of that aside, if it’s so terrible… why do some many love it? There’s been 21 seasons of The Bachelor, 11 seasons of The Bachelorette, and 3 seasons of (my favorite) Bachelor in Paradise. And the ratings have continued to increase in the recent seasons.

Well… here’s why I watch:

  1. It’s absolutely ridiculous, completely unrealistic and I LOVE IT. I find all the drama extremely entertaining. They always give us characters like Olivia, and this season, Corrine who we love to hate.
  1. As a college student, it also gives me a way to keep in contact with my family while I’m away at college. All the ladies in my family are in a fantasy league and compete every week! It’s a small thing that gives me the chance to keep in touch with my loved ones.
  2. Also by being a regular watcher, you really get to know a lot of the contestants. I follow some of my favorites on social media and keep updated with their relationship statues. 
  3. It’s crap TV and gives me the ability to have drama in my life without all the added consequences
  4. Lastly, because I want to.

To be honest, my last point is all that really matters. If you like the show WATCH IT. Drink way too much wine with your girlfriend (or boyfriends) on Monday nights and don’t be ashamed. And if you think it’s trash, that’s cool too! Which ever side you’re on, respect those who oppose you and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. Life is too short, so watch trash TV and do what makes you happy.

YOU DO YOU GIRL (or boy)!