Mental Stability

Every year roughly 42.5 million American’s suffer from a mental illness, that’s nearly 1 in 5 people. Historically, our society has placed a stigma on those who suffer from a mental illness making treatment and proper care extremely difficult. But based on these number, it’s clear that having a mental illness is extremely common, yet we don’t discuss it nearly as often as we should.

As a college student at Central Washington University, I have met a number of people who suffer and it can be extremely difficult. Students are often trying to do a balancing act at this stage in their lives. It can be extremely stressful trying to maintaining our school work, relationships, sleep schedules and our health. And unfortunately, one aspect of our life usually suffers and often time that is our mental health.  

In order to raise awareness CWU’s Bateman team recently collaborated with a group called Change Direction in order to “Break the Stigma” of mental illness.

March 27th they kicked off the week with a panel and resource fair called, “It’s Not Fair!”. Students were able to listen to a panel of speakers talk about mental health and personality change.

On day two they tabled in the SURC handing out candy and coffee to our students. The Bateman team set up a board for students to write different aspects of their life that cause them stress. Students wrote things such as: loans, group projects, the future and finding a real job just to name a few.

Day three called students together to “Walk It Out”, they walked around CWU’s campus with signs about mental illness offering to walk students to class and handing out flyers.

Day four they set up another board for the students to write on, but this time they asked students to write how they take care of themselves. A few friends and I attended and were able to participate in the activities. On the final day of the week they had an event titled, “Wine About it” and was located at the John Ford Clymer Museum in Ellensburg. They had art and wine at the event and gave students a chance to take a break and speak openly about mental health.

I find it extremely encouraging to see students rallying together to create a positive change on our campus. As college students, our mental health can often be put on the back burner and wreak havoc on our lives. Stress and anxiety can cause us to fall apart in every aspect of our life.

This week and campaign reminded me how important it is for everyone to take care of ourselves first. When our mental health is not a priority it makes it extremely difficult to care for everything else in our busy lives.
So I encourage you to take a moment out of your day to asses your mental health. Don’t be afraid to seek help. Reach out to someone you can rely on because you are not alone in your struggles and you deserve to be happy.


Surviving the Winter of 2017


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month and a half I’m sure you are aware of how relentless this Ellensburg winter has been. In my four years at the university, this winter has been the worst one by far. And unlike many of the universities on the west side of Washington our campus doesn’t exactly shut down very easily. So how do we survive? How do we make it through this winter without going insane. Here 8 some tips I have for the students of CWU.truck1. Get a truck. If that’s unreasonable, get a friend with a truck or all wheel drive. If we get two feet of snow overnight, the odds that class is canceled is slim to none. So, how are you going to be able to get to class? You could walk… but if you don’t want to be late to class you may want to have someone you can call up if you get stuck in, I don’t know, a ditch or something. If it wasn’t for my extremely helpful boyfriend, I would probably been fired from my job and failing all of my classes because I’m lucky if I can get my car out of my driveway in this weather. So reach out to anyone who may be able to help you if you find yourself stuck in a rut. 

slow-down2. If you do try to drive, drive safe. And by drive safe I mean, SLOW THE HECK DOWN, increase your following distance, and give your car plenty of time to warm up in the morning. Don’t put yourself and those around you at risk by driving in conditions that you know you aren’t equipped to take on. This weather is dangerous enough as it is, so ensure that you are being safe. 

emails3.Communicate with your professors. Most of the professors I have had at CWU are, at least, somewhat reasonable. So if you are ever unable to make it to campus take some time to email your professors and explain the situation. You can then try and work out something with your professor to get caught up on any material you might have miss out on. And in the case that they are unreasonable, refer back to tip number one.

snow-suit-up4. Get yourself some snow gear! Snow boots are extremely helpful when there’s usually about 2 feet of snow on campus so invest in a good pair. Because trust me, they will become a staple of your wardrobe every winter quarter. And don’t forget to wear all the layers so you can keep warm to and from your classes and other activities throughout the day.

workout5. Stay active! It is so easy to get depressed in the cold winter months when we want to lock ourselves in our room and throw away the key. Instead invest in an active hobby (preferably inside) that will keep you moving! For example the gym has an awesome rock wall that is open to all students! But if heights aren’t your thing, then you can always come check out my dance conditioning class on Tuesdays nights at 7:15!! But seriously, whatever it may be do your best to find something to keep yourself active.


6. Don’t allow the winter blues to get you down this season. Spend quality time with your friends and loved ones! Now this is something we should always be doing. But, since we do spend a lot more time inside during the winter, don’t forget to reach out to your friends and spend all that time inside with someone else. We are all suffering through this winter together, so be miserable in the presence of those who you love!

sprang7. SPRING BREAK WILL EVENTUALLY COME. With spring break a little over a month away plan something that you can look forward to! Get wild and go to Vegas and spend money you don’t have on things you don’t need! Or if that isn’t in the cards for you, you can always look forward to simply having time off of school. Try to stay positive and know that winter can’t last forever…

crying8. If all else fails you can always complain about it on Twitter. Maybe that can help you get rid of some of your pent up aggression. This tactic seem to be good enough for the guy running our country, and if they’re good enough for him then they’re good enough for you.

I hope some of these tips can help you this winter! Leave a comment of any other tips that you find helpful!

As the Drama Unfolds

Like clock work every Monday night, you know where you can find me? That right. It’s bachelor season, and there’s no shame in my game. As an avid follower of “bachelor nation” I watch it all. The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise… whatever it is count me in.

But, I think we can all agree that the bachelor franchise isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some argue that it’s sexist and degrading towards women. Many stray away due to the ridiculousness of the show altogether. I mean.. if we’re being blunt, the producers take an individual, put roughly 30 members of the opposite sex in the mix, watch as they worship and fight for their attention, and laugh as the drama unfolds. And, keep in mind, they’re suppose to fall in love and PROPOSE to this individual after 6 weeks of filming.

But all of that aside, if it’s so terrible… why do some many love it? There’s been 21 seasons of The Bachelor, 11 seasons of The Bachelorette, and 3 seasons of (my favorite) Bachelor in Paradise. And the ratings have continued to increase in the recent seasons.

Well… here’s why I watch:

  1. It’s absolutely ridiculous, completely unrealistic and I LOVE IT. I find all the drama extremely entertaining. They always give us characters like Olivia, and this season, Corrine who we love to hate.
  1. As a college student, it also gives me a way to keep in contact with my family while I’m away at college. All the ladies in my family are in a fantasy league and compete every week! It’s a small thing that gives me the chance to keep in touch with my loved ones.
  2. Also by being a regular watcher, you really get to know a lot of the contestants. I follow some of my favorites on social media and keep updated with their relationship statues. 
  3. It’s crap TV and gives me the ability to have drama in my life without all the added consequences
  4. Lastly, because I want to.

To be honest, my last point is all that really matters. If you like the show WATCH IT. Drink way too much wine with your girlfriend (or boyfriends) on Monday nights and don’t be ashamed. And if you think it’s trash, that’s cool too! Which ever side you’re on, respect those who oppose you and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. Life is too short, so watch trash TV and do what makes you happy.

YOU DO YOU GIRL (or boy)!